Madonna sorrowfully explains why she had to cancel another show

Michael Campanella/Getty ImagesMadonna was forced on Sunday to cancel another concert during her Madame X Tour.

“Thank you again Lisbon! Sorry I had to cancel tonight,” wrote the 61-year-old on Instagram hours before the show was to take place. “I must listen to my body and rest!!”

The latest cancellation is the eighth overall for her tour due to injuries and illnesses.  The “Vogue” singer went onto reveal that a certain elixir helped her power through the previous night’s performance, “That white Port got me through the rest of the show!”

Madonna vowed that she will return to work very soon by closing, “See you on Tuesday fingers crossed.”

The video accompanying the announcement showed the singer giving cheers before downing an entire glass of Port. “That’s the most I’ve had to drink in a month.  Maybe more,” joked Madonna with a shrug and a laugh.  “I’m not responsible for the rest of the evening…what will be will be.”

The Madame X artist has previously missed concerts in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.  Besides some health issues, other reasons given for cancellations were because of production and scheduling issues.

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