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Lukas Graham’s “Love Someone” Expresses His Parental Anxieties: “I Don’t Know That’s How It Felt!”

“Love Someone,” the latest hit by Lukas Graham, sounds like a typical love ballad, but the chorus speaks to one of Lukas’ very real fears: that one day, despite his best efforts, something bad might happen to his girlfriend or his daughter.

The lyrics to the song go, “If you love someone/And you’re not afraid to lose ’em/You probably never loved someone like I do,” and Lukas tells ABC Radio they sum up how his viewpoint has changed since he became a father to two-year-old Viola.

“I didn’t know that that’s how it felt!” says Lukas. “Like, when my mom said, like, ‘Oh, well, once you have a kid, you’re worried forever’…[now] I get these ‘what-ifs.’”

“Elevator shafts are scary things now!” he adds, admitting he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night, gasping in fear of what terrible things might happen to Viola and his girlfriend Rillo.

“[Like], I’m on the 19th floor, and for the first time, it bothers me,” he laughs. “It’s a long way down if there’s an emergency — and you start thinking, WHEN there’s an emergency!”

And it isn’t just his family that Lukas worries about these says.

“I became afraid of losing good friends,” he reveals. “Like, I tell my friends I love them now when I’m on the phone with them. Like, ‘Hey, I love you. I love you a lot, bro.’”

But on the bright side, Lukas says, it shows that he’s finally becoming more mature.

“That is to me the magnificence of growing up, in the sense that you stop being self-conscious about being honest with people if you love them,” he explains. “Give them a hug. Compliment them. Tell them you love them!”

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