These stories are always fascinating…Troy Heller lives in Louisville, Kentucky and ended up tossing a message in a Pepsi bottle into the ocean while on Florida’s Vero Beach in 1985 when he was 10-years-old…and he just got it back.

On November 13th, after Hurricane Nicole ravished the area, it washed up on the shore in Sebastian, Florida, approximately 13 miles from the pier where Troy released it. Two teachers cleaning up the area found it, and passed to a family walking in the area with their two young daughters. The Carrmaxes shared the story on TikTok, broke open the bottle and found the paper with Heller’s name written on it, along with a phone number and address in Louisville.


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They tracked Troy down and sent him a picture of the letter. “As soon as I saw it, I remembered writing it,” he said. The original letter is now framed and hanging in his home.