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Skyla Carmona got in a fight with her husband of two years and tossed her wedding ring in the woods in Massachusetts. That was 48 years ago and yes they are still married, but no…they don’t remember what their fight was about. And wait until you hear how that ring finally found her in Nashville!

Inside Edition had the story of 69-year-old Skyla, who has spent 48 years wondering if she’ll ever see the gold wedding band she tossed in the woods at Fort Devens in Massachusetts after a fight with her now-71-year-old husband Phil. They bought the ring at a kiosk at a mall in Charlotte on their way to get married. She’s always been heartbroken that they couldn’t find it back then. They now have 8 kids and live outside Nashville now. 

So she finally decided to put social media to work to see if she could round up some people who could help. Some searched for hours, but Jay Stokes was the guy who found it after just 15 minutes! Stokes says they rarely get to return the lost item to the rightful owner, so it was special to him too!