Lil Papa’s Cabo San Lucas Recap!

Lil Papa Cabo

This year I decided to give America’s birth date some latin flare by spending the Fourth of July in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Being that this was my first time going to Mexico and my first time leaving the country in general, I really did not know what to expect. Luckily for me, Mexico and its people make up one of the warmest, most welcoming communities that I have ever had the opportunity of being apart of. Since you’re probably already rushing to book your Cabo trip at this point; Here’s a few must-do activities while you’re vacationing:

#1: GO IN THE OCEAN – Yeah, I put that in capitals because a lot of travelers who come to Cabo never even get in the water. Those people are dumb. Some years ago, local municipalities were dumping waste into the ocean off the coast of Cabo and for a while it really was a place you did not want to swim in. Between that, the strong riptide, and the deep shelf drop offs swimmers basically wrote off doing any water sports in the Cabo area. These days, however, the waters are clean and the amount of water taxis available to take you to swim able beaches or coves are abundant. Not to mention these boat rides only cost you a couple of dollars, so strap on that snorkel and get yourself out on that open ocean!

#2: Take a boat ride – As I said above, boat excursions cost a traveler very little but offer a fantastic value. Whether you’re interested in a snorkel trip, boat ride to a beach, or a sunset dinner cruise there’s no reason not to take advantage of this local marine transportation. Plus, drinks are included, you party animal.

#3: World’s Smallest Bar – The World’s Smallest Bar is exactly what you would expect it to be- a twelve foot bar lined with four bar stools and a large iguana walking the counter top trying to snag any tips it can. Drinks are cold, you’re forced into socializing (in a good way) cause you are shoulders apart from your fellow patrons, and did I forget to mention, the iguana?! Don’t miss out on this little gem when you hit downtown.

I could honestly go on about what you should do in Cabo for way too long since there is just so much to do. So go there for yourself and discover what else I might have missed and at the very least, do one of the things I mentioned each day and you’ll be in for a great adventure.



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