Lewis Capaldi’s fine with his ex competing on a reality dating show — *if* she cuts him in on the prize

Alexandra GavilletMany of the songs on Lewis Capaldi’s album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent were inspired by his breakup with a certain girl.  Now ,apparently, that same girl is now competing on one of the U.K.’s most popular reality shows, Love Island.  Lewis says he hopes she wins — as long as she shares the prize money with him.

Speaking to the New Zealand Radio station The Edge, Lewis says his ex, Paige Turley, is someone he’s known for years: They met when they were 18, started dating at age 19, and then broke up at age 20.  Lewis, who’s now 23, says the split was “very amicable,” but added Paige didn’t bother telling him she was going on the show.

“It would have been a nice heads-up, but good luck to her,” Lewis said. 

Love Island involves a series of contestants living together in an exotic location and coupling up with each other, in hopes that the public will vote for them as the favorite couple.  So, will Lewis actually watch his ex on the show?

Yeah, I’ll be watching!  I’ll be like, ‘C’mon Paige!  C’mon!’” Lewis admitted. “And when she goes on a date with a boy [on the show], I’ll be like, ‘C’mon! Kiss him!’ I hope she wins!”

But Lewis then revealed that he’ll be rooting for Paige purely out of self-interest.

“The prize is, like, 50 grand!” he noted. “I’ll be like, ‘Listen, they asked you to go on [the show] right? I’m not saying I’m the reason, but also — slide me two grand!”

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