Lewis Capaldi’s ex won ‘Love Island,’ but won’t share her winnings with him

Alexandra GavilletIn January, Lewis Capaldi said that if his ex-girlfriend, Paige Turley, a contestant on the British reality show Love Island, were to win, she should cut him in on some of her winnings.  Well, she won, but sorry, Lewis — you’re not getting anything.

Speaking to The Sun, Paige, who’s splitting the prize of about 50 thousand pounds — about $64,600 dollars — with her current boyfriend, Finn Tapp, said, “I can’t give him any money because once I pay off my debts, there’ll be nothing left.”

There have been rumors that Lewis — who dated Paige from age 19 to 20 and says their split was “amicable” — wrote his hit “Someone You Loved” about her. 

However, according to The Sun, Lewis said at the BRIT Awards, “Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people think this song is about my ex-girlfriend, who you can now see every night on Love Island. It’s actually about my grandmother who has sadly passed away a few years ago.”

He then quipped, “I hope to God that [they] don’t contact her to be on a reality TV dating show.”

“Lewis has never told me what the songs were about so if he said it was about his nan, then it was,” Paige told The Sun.

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