Aysia MarottaLewis Capaldi‘s debut U.S. single “Someone You Loved” has finally hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 24 weeks — and he’s thrilled that his campaign to become America’s Sweetheart has finally succeeded.

“SOMEONE YOU LOVED IS THE NUMBER ONE SONG IN THE USA. America’s Sweetheart,” he wrote on Instagram, along with a set of goofy photos that show him popping a bottle of Champagne with the American flag painted on his face, wearing a t-shirt that says “Lewis Capaldi/America’s Sweetheart.”

For several weeks now, Lewis has been jokingly running his self-deprecating “America’s Sweetheart” campaign, asking fans to help the song reach number one so he can “move out of my mother’s house.”  He also wrote, “I have managed to get this far on my good looks alone for too long now but my luck is running out.”

Ironically, the song that allowed him to reach his goal was a last-minute addition to Lewis’ debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.  It’s also pretty much the only song on the project that isn’t about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

While Lewis specifically wrote “Someone You Loved” about the loss of a relative or a friend, he says he’s fine with people believing it’s about a romance that’s ended.  In fact, he designed the song that way.

“Even though it was about that…for me, I wanted to keep [the song] very broad,” he tells ABC Audio. “I didn’t want it to [put] off people who maybe were going through a breakup. I wanted it to be as open as possible, so people could find their own stories within the song.”

Looks like Lewis’ plan worked: In addition to hitting number one, the song is now considered a major Grammy contender.

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