Source: YouTube

Alex and Lydia Kessinger just got married in Utah despite what happened the day before their big day.  Turns out they learned a very painful lesson about how NOT to move a mattress. Alex tossed the mattress in the back of his truck to move to their new love nest so it will be all set up for their wedding night.  He told told Lydia to just LIE on it to weigh it down. Maybe you know where there is going next…he was doing 50 when the mattress flew out of the truck with Lydia STILL ON IT.  

 Once she stopped skidding across the pavement, she had to get up and dodge traffic. She ended up with some pretty bad road rash on her face and arms and two chipped front teeth. All in all, she’s just lucky to be alive.  And despite the injuries, they went through with their wedding the next day.  It happened in late April, but they just told the story because last Thursday was National Secure Your Load Day.  It’s meant to encourage people to be more careful when transporting stuff.  Like, maybe use rope next time.