Stefan KohliLauv’s stage name is Lithuanian for “lion,” and one reason he chose it is because his birth name is Ari Leff, and “Ari,” is Hebrew for “lion.”  So if he has a Hebrew name, does the “I Like Me Better” singer celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?  Well, both…kinda.

“I’m, like, fake Jewish,” he laughs to ABC Audio. “My dad’s Jewish, so that makes me not technically Jewish, right?”  The singer’s referring to the fact that many branches of the Jewish religion believe you’re not Jewish unless your mom is.

“I didn’t really grow up like practicing any religion,” he explains. “So…I would get Hanukkah and Christmas when I was a kid.”

This year, though, Lauv isn’t following Hanukkah nor Christmas traditions — he’s taking off on vacation.

“I’m going to Mexico this year, just chillin’, and then going back to L.A. and relaxing,” he tells ABC Audio. “So I’m really excited.”

But what about getting together with his family?  Lauv says it’s all good.

“I saw my family a lot this year, so I decided  — we always see each other. And I love you, Mom — but I’m going to go with my friends to Mexico and chill on the beach and kind of wind down a little bit.”

Lauv will need some relaxation because he’s got a busy year coming up:  His debut album ~how i’m feeling~ comes out March 6, and starting March 27, he’ll be playing a run of dates in South America, followed by shows in Europe and Asia.

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