ABC/Rick RowellWhile it may have been obvious from an early age that Lady Gaga was destined for stardom, her mom says it was also apparent that she’d grow up to be an advocate.

After filming a live town hall special on mental health for CBS This Morning, Cynthia Germanotta — Gaga’s partner in creating The Born This Way Foundation — told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter always showed a passion for helping others.

“She was always a very compassionate young girl,” Cynthia said. “She was the kindergartner that if somebody was crying, she was consoling them. In the ninth grade, if there was a new student, she would ask them to sit with her.”

Her mom added that as Gaga started to gain a platform in the industry, she realized she could use her voice to help young people on a larger scale.

“[A]nd that is what drove her to develop the Born This Way Foundation,” she says. “Her desire and her vision for a world where young people are better equipped to deal with their struggles than she was.”

Gaga has long been open about her struggles with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

During CBS’ Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health special, Cynthia revealed she started to see a “turn” in Gaga’s mental health when she began to get bullied in middle school. 

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