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In announcing her new makeup line, Lady Gaga released a statement about how, as a kid, she was inspired by watching her mother put on makeup. Now, she tells Allure that she wanted to create her makeup line from scratch, rather than partnering with an existing brand, so she could “make my mom proud.”

“I built this company from the ground up, as an entrepreneur. We got an investor, and we put everything together,” Gaga tells the magazine. “I made tons and tons of boards that had all of our imagery, all of our makeup…I actually presented it to my mom.”

“I brought her into a room filled with boards and I said, ‘Mommy, I’ve been working on something and I want to show it to you,’” recalls Gaga. “She got all choked up and it was a really special moment.”

“I really hope that when I have maybe a little girl one day, or a little boy, and they see mommy put her makeup on, that they have the same experience that I did,” Gaga says. “That’s the greatest gift of all, when you can connect with your parents.”

Allure also has the first look at Gaga’s new Haus Laboratories line, which you can pre-order starting July 15 at 3 a.m. ET.  Right now, you can get three items in six shades: RIP lip liner — because “it’s to die for,” says Gaga — as well as Le Riot Lip Gloss and Glam Attack, a liquid-to-powder shimmer.

There are nine different combos: two lip liners for $26, two glosses for $32, or two Glam Attacks for $36, plus six different three-piece sets for $49.

“I created these collections like I create a record,” says Gaga. “They have themes. They’re thought out.”

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