Lady Gaga drops new single “Stupid Love” and neon colored music video

Courtesy Interscope RecordsLady Gaga is officially gearing up for her new era by dropping her highly anticipated new single “Stupid Love” — along with a wonderfully vibrant music video that sprinkles in notable Area 51 references — at the stroke of midnight on Friday.

Gaga brings back her colorful personality — literally — and energetic dancing skills that were toned down during her Joanne era, which focused more on her vocal talent and emotional storytelling through her lyrics. 

Gaga also brings back her bizarre costumes that took a break during the Joanne period, by utilizing a hot pink pleather bikini and tiara to a face visor and metallic pink leather jacket with accentuated shoulder pads for the new music video. 

The video opens with a disclaimer that explains that the world has fallen into ruin where the “Spiritual ones” pray for peace while the “Kindness punks” pray to a new deity, Chromatica.

The scene opens to Gaga’s Kindness punks — dressed in neon pink  —  rushing across a desert landscape dotted with glittering mountains in order to break up a fight between the red and blue tribes.  

The A Star Is Born actress successfully ends the battle by unleashing her telekinetic powers that lifts the offenders in the air before slamming them to the ground in submission.

“Now it’s time to free me from the chain/ I gotta find that peace, is it too late/ Or could this love protect me from the pain?/ I would battle for you/ Even if I break in two,” sings Gaga as more individuals from other colorful tribes gather around her for an extremely intense dance in the desert.

The music video ends with Gaga wearing a tattered jacket with spikes that reads “Kindness Punk.”

“Stupid Love” will be featured on Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album, thhat will supposedly be named Chromatica

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