Source: YouTube

Three kids found part of a Teen-Rex skull while hiking…something any paleontologist would be thrilled to find! 

What started as a family hike looking for fossils in North Dakota by two young brothers quickly turned into a once-in-a-lifetime discovery that career paleontologists would kill for.

Jessin and Liam Fisher were with their dad, Sam Fisher, and their cousin Kaiden, when they stumbled on the remains of a juvenile T. Rex skeleton of about 30% completeness, including almost the entire right leg structure, a few vertebrae, the lower jaw, and the all-important hips and pelvis. 

Now this was back in July of 2022 and their dad reached out to a former classmate for help in discovering what they found. When they finally got the crew in place to do the official excavation, they rolled cameras and were blown away by what they found!

The paleontologists who took part in the excavation believe the ‘Teen Rex’ weighed 3,500 pounds, stood 10 feet tall, and was 25 feet long at the time of its death.