Kemosabe/RCA RecordsFollowing the news that her new album, High Road, is due January 10, Kesha has now released a single from the project, as well as a video.  She’s also revealed the special guests on the album.

First, the single and video: It’s called “Raising Hell” and it features Big Freedia, the New Orleans artist known as the Queen of Bounce Music.  The upbeat, melodic track features Kesha singing about the two sides of her personality: One sacred, and one profane.

“Hungover, heart of gold, holy mess/Doin’ my best, b***, I’m blessed,” Kesha sings.  “Oh, if you couldn’t tell/We can always find the trouble, we don’t need no help/Oh, mama raised me well/But I don’t wanna go to Heaven without raising hell.”

The video casts Kesha as a big-haired blonde televangelist who wears a ton of mascara, seemingly inspired by the late, real-life televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker.  She’s married to an abusive and controlling man and she’s very unhappy, despite her great wealth and fame. 

One night, her husband goes too far and gets violent and Kesha’s character accidentally kills him in self-defense.  Panicking, she puts his dead body in her car, dyes her hair brown and flees, but the clip ends with the cops handcuffing her and taking her away.

“Raising Hell” is one of 15 tracks on High Road. Among the special guests are Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, Americana singer/songwriter Sturgill Simpson, singer/songwriter and frequent Kesha collaborator Wrabel and — strangely — Kesha herself, as her former identity, “Ke$ha” with a dollar sign.

Songwriting collaborators on the album include Pebe Sebert, who’s Kesha’s mom, as well as .fun‘s Nate Ruess and Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds.

Here’s the High Road track listing:

“My Own Dance”
“Raising Hell” feat. Big Freedia
“High Road”
“Cowboy Blues”
“Resentment” feat. Sturgill Simpson & Brian Wilson
“Little Bit Of Love”
“Birthday Suit”
“Kinky” feat. Ke$ha
“Potato Song (Cuz I Want To)”
“BFF” feat. Wrabel
“Father Daughter Dance”
“Chasing Thunder”

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