Justin Mouser is a barber from McCracken County, Kentucky and he was walking with his wife down the Las Vegas Strip Friday afternoon when they saw a car ram into a palm tree in the center divide. When he didn’t see anyone get out of the car, he figured he needed to go see if the driver needed help.

You can see on video from surveillance cameras smoke is coming off of the car’s engine in a small boulevard at a busy intersection as Police Officer Derek Stebbins and Mouser worked quickly to get the driver out of the car. The officer was trying to keep a crowd away because of the danger…but Mouser said, “I don’t hear very well or sometimes act like I don’t,” “I probably should have listened to him, but I tried to help.” The driver was unconscious so he wasn’t able to help them. They had to get in through the passenger side to unlock and open the driver’s side door and drag him out. They managed to get him out just as that side of the car burst into flames.    The driver is facing DUI charges…but he’s alive thanks to them! And it was a memorable first trip to Vegas for the Mousers! 

WLKY had the story HERE.