Portland, Ore. (KXL) –The death of Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin DeRosier will mean a day of no school in Kelso.

Today, the Kelso School District announced they will close on Wendesday, April 24th in order to allow teachers, students, and staff to attend a public memorial for the slain deputy.

The memorial is happening at 1 p.m. that afternoon.

It will be at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus.

“Deputy DeRosier is a much-loved member of our Hilander family,” said Superintendent Mary Beth Tack. “His strong heart and ultimate service will always be remembered.”

DeRosier attended Butler Acres Elementary, Coweeman Middle School, and was a 2008 Kelso High graduate with many friends and relatives in Kelso schools.

The missed school day will be made up by every school in the district, with the exception of Wallace Elementary, on Friday, June 14; making that the last day of school for 2018-19.

Wallace Elementary will make up the day on Monday, June 3; keeping the last day of school for Wallace Friday, June 21.

Kelso High School parent/teacher conferences that were scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, will be rescheduled for Wednesday, May 8, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Conferences that are scheduled for Tuesday, April 23 will remain from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Kelso School District lowered all flags to half-mast Monday and will continue to keep them lowered until Thursday, April 25.

Counselors will continue to be available for staff and students.