NBCOn Wednesday’s Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly brought her daughter River, 5, and 3 1/2 year-old son Remy, onstage so they could meet her guest Jason Momoa — it seems the kids are huge fans of Momoa’s movie Aquaman.  Remy appeared shocked to be meeting Aquaman in the flesh and didn’t say a word, but River had some questions.

After her mom reminded her of what she wanted to ask, River blurted out, “Do you know (The) Little Mermaid?”  As the audience “awwww-ed,” Momoa rolled with it. 

“Ariel? Yes, Ariel’s very sweet, she’s very nice,” he replied.  Then, turning his attention to Remy, he added, “She’s also a redhead. I’m gonna teach you about redheads someday. They’re very passionate!”  Of course, Kelly and the audience cracked up.

But River wasn’t done yet.

“Where does Aquaman go to the bathroom?” she asked Momoa.  After a beat, Momoa raised his hands above his head and declared, “Everywhere!”  The audience roared, as Kelly explained, “That’s because you’re in the water! All the time!”

Kelly then tried to get Remy involved, but he wouldn’t say a word. “Hey, you like Aquaman,” River nudged her little brother. “You watch it! Come on!”

As the audience died of cuteness, Kelly made excuses, saying, “She’s the talker, he’s the sensitive one.”

Momoa simply put his arm around Remy and said, “He’ll just chill with Aquaman.”  Even after their mom told the kids to thank the actor, Remy stayed silent, but he adorably accepted the actor’s high-five.

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