ABC/Image Group LAKelly Clarkson has four kids but on Thursday, she’ll officially christen her first “godchild” — a new Norwegian cruise ship, the Norwegian Encore.

As the official “godmother” of the ship, Kelly will perform at its christening ceremony in Miami. The ship will also have a reading room named the River Rose Reading Room, in honor of Kelly’s daughter.  She tells Billboard, “Reading is very important to our family. We do it every night with our kids. My mom is a teacher, so I definitely was a teacher’s kid.”

Kelly also says as part of the deal, she and her family will take a cruise, which will make all the kids, ages three to 18, happy.

“This is my first godchild. I did it right. I don’t have to take care of anything. It just gives me things — awesome,” Kelly tells Billboard. “We’re a big family. It’s always hard to find vacations that everybody’s really into.”

Between this gig, her talk show, The Voice and her upcoming Las Vegas residency, you may be wondering if Kelly will have time to make any music in the near future.  But she tells Billboard not to worry — she reveals that she recently recorded what she calls “one of my favorite songs I’ll probably ever do in my career,” adding, “It’s a beautifully written song and one of my favorite writers in the world wrote it…the whole experience has been amazing.”

Kelly then teases, “Hopefully our whole idea for the song pans out. I’ve never done anything like this in my career. All of what I’m saying isn’t making sense until you actually know what’s happening, but you’ll know by the time it comes out…it’s a new way. I’ve never really done anything like it.”

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