Capitol RecordsKaty Perry got her motorcycle license so she could film the video for her new single “Harleys in Hawaii” — but her fellow American Idol judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are not thrilled about her new hobby.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Lionel says he was horrified when Katy “took a four-day course and she comes to me and she says, ‘I’m going to leave on my motorcycle.’” 

It seems Lionel is afraid that Katy will get hurt and break up their American Idol judging panel. But when he told Katy “I need you!” she says she dismissed his worries as him being a “protective dad.” 

“All we think about is, this is a team. This is an act. We’re a group,” Lionel explained. “I don’t want my star person over here hanging out on a motorcycle!”

When Katy insisted that driving Lionel around on the back of her Harley “would be fun,” his response was a firm “no!”

As for Luke, he says he was horrified last year to learn that Katy was riding around on the back of her finance Orlando Bloom‘s Harley — forget about her actually driving a bike herself.

Meanwhile, Katy is currently riding around on a camel, as she and Orlando are vacationing in Egypt.

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