After wearing an extremely revealing gown at the VogueWorld: Paris show on Sunday, Katy Perry has now taken things several steps further.

Attending the Balenciaga runway show in Paris on Wednesday, Katy wore a giant furry coat, extremely low-rise ripped tights, heels and no shirt, displaying most of her naked torso and underboob area.

Explaining her outfit to Women’s Wear Daily, Katy said that she wanted to be “streamlined, sexy” and “sensual,” adding, “Simple but chic.” She also revealed that she’d worn her tights just high enough to cover her C-section scar.

“That’s the lowest I was gonna go. Right there,” said Katy. “This is where I birthed the child [from], so everybody can just …” She then raised two fingers in a “V” sign, which is the British version of flipping the bird.

Fans did not approve of Katy’s look, to say the least, with several in the comments section comparing it to outfits worn by Bianca Censori, the wife of rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.


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