Capitol RecordsLately, Katy Perry‘s been on the singles grind, dropping tracks like “Never Really Over,” “365,” “Small Talk” and “Harleys in Hawaii” without seemingly any plans for a full album.  But next year, things may change. 

Speaking to Billboard, Katy says she’s enjoyed breaking out of that album/tour/album/tour cycle, saying, “I think it’s been a really fun experiment this last year and I think I have a lot more clarity to go on for next year.”

“For me, at 35, I’m trying to create a little bit more balance of realness and normalcy, getting up and taking my future stepson to school at 7:30…you have to learn the art of saying no sometimes in order to do that,” she explains. “So I’ve been doing that, but still wanting to put out music.”

“You know, next year, it may all come together at some point,” Katy adds. “But it’s still a little bit [of] a fun experiment, because I get to put out songs one at a time with a music video and selfishly, that’s what every artist wants.”

Heading into Christmas, Katy Perry says her celebration’s “more hilarious” — and this year, she has a new baby nephew and two nieces, ages three and five, to enjoy the holiday with.

“It’s just the age where Christmas is so alive and it’s just so magical and they believe everything,” she says. “It’s really fun to be around me for Christmas, because I do the most.”

Says Katy, “It’s almost feelings of being a kid again, and that’s the most precious thing to me, is to always have that playfulness.”

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