Katy Perry collapses after gas leak forces evacuation on ‘American Idol’

ABC/Stewart CookIn one of the most dramatic American Idol preview clips yet, it turns out a gas leak could have turned deadly had it not been for the staff and first responders’ quick action.

In a preview obtained by People, Sunday’s episode will introduce a new set of contestants hoping for their golden ticket to Hollywood.  However, auditions are brought to a standstill when judge Katy Perry detects that something’s amiss.

“Does anybody smell gas?” She calmly asks her fellow judges, to which Luke Bryan confirms it smells like “propane.”

As the scent gets stronger, Perry begins to complain of a “slight headache” and excuses herself from the judges’ table because the gas smell is getting “really bad.”

The alarm is then pulled and American Idol staff rush to evacuate the building, including all the Idol hopefuls who look around in confusion as they’re ordered out the front doors.

A contestant was mid-interview when a staff member rushes in and ushers everyone out, causing the camera to fall to the side.

However, the most dramatic part of the preview comes as first responders rush the building as judge Lionel Richie remarks he can now smell the leak from outside.

As a paramedic begins checking over Katy, she slowly slurs that she’s “not feeling good” and collapses onto the pavement.  The preview ends there.

Watch the dramatic conclusion when American Idol returns to ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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