Source: YouTube

Justin Timberlake is still under fire after his DWI arrest. An angry, sad mother leads the shout against the singer this time. Sheila Lockwood, who lost her son to drunk driving in 2018, said she is done being a Timberlake fan after he joked about his arrest.

At one of his latest shows, Timberlake joked, “So, uh, is there anyone here tonight that is driving — no, I’m just kidding,” at his Saturday Boston gig about his June 18 arrest.

Lockwood saw the seriousness of drunk driving, even as the crowd laughed. She said “there is nothing funny about” the singer’s joke.

“Very disappointing. He may use his massive platform to raise awareness. National crisis. Every 79 seconds, someone is killed or wounded by drunk driving, and he jokes about it on stage. It’s not humorous,” said Sheila Lockwood, who is also a MADD national ambassador.