Calm down, Internet: Justin Bieber doesn’t really want to fight Tom Cruise in the octagon. He admits to TMZ that his tweet challenging the Mission: Impossible star to throw down was just a joke.

Asked by a TMZ cameraman whether or not he really planned to battle the movie star, Justin laughed and said, “It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes.” He explained that he’d seen an interview with Cruise, so the actor was on his mind, which is why he sent the tweet.

“I think he’d probably whip my a** in a fight,” Justin admitted. “I’d have to get in shape. I’m really skinny [right now]. I think he’d probably be out of my weight class.”

“He’s got that ‘dad strength,’” Justin added of Cruise — and then asked, “He’s a dad, right?”

Yes, he is, Justin: to daughters Isabella and Connor, with his second wife Nicole Kidman, and daughter Suri, with third wife Katie Holmes.

One good thing that came out of Justin’s tweet has been the #31YearsOld hashtag, where people started challenging celebrities who are 31 years older than they are to fights — because that’s the age difference between Justin and Tom Cruise.

Wednesday, 83-year-old TV icon Alan Alda got in on the fun, tweeting “Not sure I know how this works, but I hear there’s a 114-year-old guy in Tibet who’s just asking for it.”

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