Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have had enough of the fake headlines.

On Justin’s Instagram Story, the couple took aim at a Daily Telegraph story that not only spelled Justin’s last name wrong, but was spreading false information as well.

“Justin Beiber Walks OUT on Hailey Baldwin Who Is Allegedly PREGNANT!” the headline read.

In the Instagram video, Hailey is heard saying in the background, “How dare you walk out on me and my very pregnant belly…not.” Then Justin says, “Daily Telegraph…wow.”

He also called out the publication for its misspelling, writing as the caption, “How are you gonna spell my name wrong after all these years ?? Haha.”

If that wasn’t enough, the two had to contend with fans who spotted a link to Selena Gomez’s Coachella performance of “Taki Taki” with DJ Snake and Cardi B in Justin’s search history on the side of the article in the video. It’s only partially visible if you pause the clip at the exact right moment.

Justin responded to people pointing this out, writing in a comment, “Please stop reading into things so much and making something out of nothing.”

He continued, “The point of the video was supposed to be funny that they were saying I walked out on Hailey and they spelled my name wrong…this idea that I secretly plot on opening my history thing purposefully and zoom out just enough so you can see her name is crazy.”

He also added that the Selena video only came up as a related video, after he and Hailey watched a video of his own Coachella performance with Ariana Grande.

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