The Jonas Brothers danced across the decades in a hilarious montage for their latest music video “What A Man Gotta Do,” their new song that dropped Friday.

“What a man gotta do?/ What a man gotta prove?/ To be totally locked up by you?” the brothers plead in the infectious drum and tambourine-heavy chorus as they demonstrate just how far they’re willing to go to be their wives’ “Last goodnight and first good day.”

The colorful music video opens with Nick Jonas mimicking Tom Cruise‘s iconic dance scene from Risky Business, as he skids across the floorboards wearing just socks and an over sized shirt.  Brewing with confidence, the youngest Jonas brother saunters towards wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who tries and fails to hold back a laugh.

The scene pans to Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner throwing it back to Grease as the two compete in a “rock till you drop” dance contest. Unfortunately, the crowd mocks the pair’s juvenile dance moves, causing embarrassment for the DNCE frontman.

Eventually, both brothers turn it around with Nick successfully eliciting a hungry stare from Chopra, who chucks her phone over her shoulders and does her own Risky Business dance.

Meanwhile, Joe finds himself a new dance partner when a “dark” Sophie shoves aside the “light” Sophie and proceeds to hilariously dominate him across the dance floor.

The scene pans to Kevin Jonas, serenading wife Danielle Jonas outside her bedroom window with a boombox, just like from Say Anything. Unfortunately, the tape inside tangles, so he turns to a modern day solution — his smartphone, which convinces Danielle to join him outside.

The video ends with everyone dancing happily before the JoBros suddenly lose their pants, standing in their tighty whities.

“What a Man Gotta Do” is their first song of 2020.

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