Walt Disney Television/Pawel KaminskiDuring his Instagram talk show Current Mood, John Mayer debuted an original Christmas song about what he calls “the trustiest of companions while staying at someone else’s house for the holidays.”

The song is called “CVS Bag,” and it’s an ode to the bag of stuff you buy at the local CVS drugstore to have with you when you go to stay at your family’s house for the holidays.

“Staying with family for the holidays/I’m a guest in the house again/It’s a real small town and it’s normally shut down at like 8 or 9 p.m.” John sings. ” Oh, I fell asleep too early/ I woke up at midnight. I was hungry/It was all right: You were there.”

And then he sings the chorus, “CVS bag on the table/CVS bag you’re all that I had/CVS bag, just mostly snacks and a charger cable/CVS bag…and a thing for my dad.”

John then goes on to sing about other things that you’re likely to find in your CVS bag, such as “a travel thing of Q-tips,” “an Applebee’s card,” “87 cents in change” and the cotton from a vitamin bottle.

John finishes the song by describing how the cat starts poking his head inside the bag. 

“The cat’s smells something/his eyes look all weird to me,” sings John. “CVS bag/look, I think he’s gonna sneeze.”

Sadly, John hasn’t released a studio version of this hopefully-to-become-a-holiday-classic tune.

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