Source: YouTube

It’s not the first time Joe Jonas has designed tattoos on stage for a fan in the audience at their show. And the latest just happened in Boston.

In a TikTok video shared by a fan named Tarryn who attended one of the Boston shows, he spots her sign that reads: “Draw me a tattoo?” Joe then takes a good look at Tarryn and quickly draws a picture on her poster as the concert continues in the background.


@tarryn729 Thanks for the new tattoo, Joe! #jonasbrothers #nick #joe #kevin #jonas #draw #boston #tdgarden #tattoo ♬ original sound – Tarryn

The result was a crude drawing of their faces, with Joe telling her “it’s me and you.” The video then jumps to a tattoo artist working on Tarryn’s leg and the reveal of the faces on her shin. “Best night of my life!!!” she captioned the clip, adding in the comments, “I almost threw up making eye contact with him omfg.”


@tarryn729 Cant belive this happened!!! #joejonas #kevinjonas #nickjonas #boston #jonasbrothers #tdgarden #tattoo #drawme #sign ♬ original sound – Tarryn

There were other sweet fan moments too… Kevin catching a friendship bracelet mid-song and Nick saw a sign that said, “I’m a nurse because of Nick.” She admitted his journey with diabetes inspired her to be a nurse! Nick said, “That’s very sweet, I appreciate that. We love the nurses, make some noise for the nurses!”