Joe Buck Delivers on Promise to Call Play-by-Play on Fans’ Quarantined Lives

Earlier this week, a very bored Joe Buck offered to deliver play-by-play analysis of his fans’ lives in self-isolation in exchange for donations to charity. And on Tuesday, the famous FOX Sports broadcaster made good on that claim with his first round of sideline commentary. Buck began with a clip that shows a woman tossing a well-worn toy football for her dog, who dutifully retrieves it while doing a lap around a patio table. Next up was footage of two kids playing football on the front lawn–with one wearing a “throwback” Tom Brady New England Patriots jersey.

Buck also called a clip of a man shooting darts in his home from a weird, side angle, and another video that shows a dad shooting hoops inside with his toddler and a toy basketball rim. When the dad inadvertently beans his kid in the head with the ball, Buck proclaims, “Life’s hard, suck it up, that’s just the way things work in this world…Wham, bang! Oh, ow, Dad, that’ll come up on therapy in about 20 to 22 years.”