(NEW YORK) — Jimmy Kimmel returned to prime time for the 12th straight year Monday night, in conjunction with the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, for Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night.

Before Monday’s game four of the finals, Jimmy previewed a supposed “exclusive scene” from the upcoming Marvel film Spider-Man: Far from Home, opening July 2, in which he had a role.

The clip, which turned out to be a joke, featured Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the film, picking up his webslinger costume from the dry cleaners, run by Kimmel.

Jimmy’s slow to catch on that Holland’s Parker is Spider-Man. When Kimmel asks why the teen needs his “pajamas” cleaned every two days, Holland blames it on “sweaty sleep syndrome,” which Jimmy happily accepts.

Nor does it faze Kimmel when Holland brushes off “the holes” in his pj’s, “that almost look like a mechanical octopus arm” — a reference to Spider-Man’s arch enemy, Doctor Octopus — “had taken a chunk out of the fabric.” Kimmel’s satisfied that it’s due to moths.

It’s not until a breaking news story appears on the TV, showing a man wearing “the same goofy pjs” as Holland’s, that Kimmel catches on.

“I know what’s going on here, says Kimmel. “You are an influencer!”

Monday’s Game Night special also featured a faux promo for Boston Celtic’s basketball player Jason Tatum’s “Baby Grand” basketball shoes, the first to cross the $1,000 threshold.  Jimmy also chatted with black-ish star Anthony Anderson about his new Netflix movie, Beats, launching June 19.

Disney is the parent company of Marvel and ABC News.  Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights on ABC.

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