Jimmy Kimmel has asked his sidekick and security guard Guillermo Rodriguez to play many roles over the years. Last weekend, he added Gwen Stefani back-up dancer to the list.

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel Live! returned from summer vacation with a new episode. During the monologue, Kimmel revealed that Guillermo recently tried out to be one of Stefani’s dancers for her Las Vegas residency, Gwen Stefani — Just a Girl, at the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood resort and casino.

In the recorded bit that followed, the audition — of course — didn’t go exactly as Guillermo hoped.

“How did he get the address?” Stefani wondered aloud to the camera in between footage of Guillermo attempting to keep up with other contestants.

In the end, Gwen didn’t give Guillermo the nod, but of course he had a plan B.

“I may not be a great dancer,” he pleaded to Stefani. “But I have a big heart, a big belly, a big butt and I think you guys are making a big mistake.”

After discussing it again with her team, Stefani agreed to hire Guillermo — but not as a dancer.

Saturday night Guillermo took the stage at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. He trotted out in a banana costume for the opening number, “Hollaback Girl.”

Gwen Stefani’s Just a Girl residency continues through November.

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