Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will promote “unity” and “diversity” in Super Bowl halftime show

Courtesy NFL/PepsiJennifer Lopez and Shakira aren’t giving too much away about their Super Bowl halftime performance this Sunday, but they did promise an empowering show focused on messages of unity, diversity and love.

“It’s a lot of energy. It’s very entertaining. There’s heartfelt moments. I think we run the gamut. It’s packed with a lot of awesome moments,” J.Lo said during a press conference in Miami Thursday.

She noted that she hopes the female-centric show will be inspiring for young girls around the world, including her own daughter.

“Two Latinas, doing this in this country at this time, it’s just very empowering for us,” she said. “And for me, I’m very proud to be able to help and put forth that message.”

Shakira added the show will “convey a message of unity and also show what a relevant force the Latin community is in this country.”

The two also spoke about the impact of Kobe Bryant’s death and how it has affected their mindset going into this weekend.

“In this week, this happening has a sound around the world of like, we have to love each other and we have to be together and we have to support each other and we can’t be so at odds all the time,” J.Lo said. “And I think that’s part of our mission and our message, too.”

Earlier Thursday, the NFL announced it would release a visual album, Super Bowl LIV Live, featuring each performance at Super Bowl 54, including the halftime show and the national anthem, sung by Demi Lovato.

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