Apple TV +(NEW YORK) — Apple TV+ officially enters the streaming wars today with its big splashy series The Morning Show, which offers a behind the scenes look at a network morning news show in the #MeToo era.

The stars Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy, the anchor of a popular new program who fights to keep her job after her longtime partner Mitch Kessler, played by Steve Carell, is fired amidst a sexual misconduct scandal, and sparks a rivalry with newcomer Bradley Jackson, played by Reese Witherspoon, who has her sights on Alex’s job. 

Aniston tells ABC Audio she hopes the show brings something new to the conversation: “We wanted to be authentic and honest and no apologies.  The messiness of it,” she says. “[This is] you know, saying the things that people said behind closed doors that people cannot say in front of outside of those doors.”

Both Aniston and Witherspoon hope the show delivers an accurate portrayal of strong female journalists: “It’s fascinating what realizing what they’ve had to endure to just to get their job done for so many years,” says Witherspoon, and, according to Aniston, “really established, you know, women who have been around for a long time and what they’ve had to tolerate and, you know, turn a blind eye to and struggle through, fight for.”

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