Is Preparing Full Meals Pointless While You’re Stuck at Home?

As adults, we can eat what we want, whenever we want. So why do we go through the hassle of preparing entire meals when we can just snack all day–especially when we’re stuck at home riding out a viral pandemic? “As much as rolling out dough and watching it rise can be a balm, it is also a chore,” writes Eater’s Jaya Saxena. ”

And you know what’s not a chore? String cheese…Lunch can now be a rice cake with peanut butter, a piece of chocolate and a clementine. Breakfast is four bites of leftover fried rice eaten at 11 a.m., and dinner is the rest eaten at 4. Every meal in one day can be pasta and butter if you want. Everything is after-school snack, a pure treat instead of a meal haunted by the specter of ‘should.’”