Shervin LainezSHAED may be having dreams of jumping on a trampoline, but in real life, that activity isn’t high on the band’s list of fun things to do.  Singer Chelsea Lee and her husband and band mate, multi-instrumentalist Max Ernst, say the one time they visited a trampoline park, they weren’t exactly “flipping in the air.”

“It was horrible!” Chelsea tells ABC Audio. “Max and I went one time and we were there for five minutes, and we were already like…exhausted!”

“There’s trampolines everywhere. He’s jumping all over the place and bouncing off the side walls, and I’m like, ‘no,’” she recalls.

“It’s exhausting,” Max laughs. “I went way too hard!”

While reaching new heights on a real-life trampoline isn’t in their future, SHAED’s song “Trampoline” continues to climb the charts.  So far, though, we still don’t have an album from the group. So, is that coming?

“We really want to have our own vinyl, ’cause we have a record player at our house and everything,” says Max. “So I think we are working up towards an album. But, you know, just right now, we’re just really focused on writing good music. And I think the, the way to package that will kind of come naturally.” 

The Washington, D.C. trio recently wrapped up their U.S. headlining tour.  After a show in Mexico this weekend, they’ll spend the rest of the year performing at festivals and radio events.

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