ABC/Randy HolmesWith skiing season officially underway, adrenaline seekers from across the country are rushing to the slopes.  However, one daredevil might have created a fun new way to hit the powder. 

Nick Jonas and his wife Priyanka Chopra introduced a new sport that could make rushing down a black diamond seem like child’s play.  The “Jealous” singer posted the thrilling video to Instagram, writing, “Trust falls are so 2019… trust tubing spins are 2020!”

Instead of skiing, the couple descends the slopes in style, sitting on a fashionable black inflatable tube. The video starts with their family and friends cheering them on as Priyanka nervously grins and screams at the camera when the two are dragged to the edge of the incline.

The worker asks the couple “No spin or spin?,” to which they excitedly opt for the latter.  Then, the two shriek and giggle as they hurtle wildly down the hill, all while gripping the handles so they don’t go flying off.

Priyanka is first to catch her breath after the exciting endeavor, cheering as the tube slides to a stop, “Oh my god, we held on Babu!  We held on!”

Babu is an Indian term of endearment.

Jonas begins laughing uncontrollably as his wife meekly finishes, “Test proven… right?”

So, if you need your next adrenaline fix, opt for a quick round of trust tubing.  Nick tested, Priyanka approved.

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