You may have seen this video of Christie Geraty dancing with her daughter Kelsey Fry to Taylor Swift’s ‘The Best Day.’ It shows how they choose joy even on the most difficult days. And WOW…do they have a backstory to go with this!

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Geraty has been battling Hodgekin’s Lymphoma for 15 years, and Swift’s music has been like therapy for Kelsey and her mom. They lost Kelsey’s younger brother almost a year ago, and Geraty is now in the end stages of her fight as treatment is no longer working. Kelsey’s third child also ended up in the hospital with a rare liver disease as a baby called bilial atresia. And they suddenly lost Kelsey’s father-in-law. So through ALL of that…they have decided to choose joy for the rest of their lives.  They even started a non-profit that puts together care bags for parents staying with kids in the hospital.