Virginia Sherwood/NBC(NEW YORK) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) The end result may have divided some fans, but actor James Spader said playing Ultron, the baddie in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, shook him up, he tells Whoopi Goldberg.

The pair chatted about his career during an interview with The View host at the Tribeca TV Festival, Deadline reports.

“I had not been intimidated for years on a set,” said the actor.  But apparently, acting with the motion capture technology which transformed him into the eight foot tall robot made him feel uncomfortable.

“The process of acting on that film was something I had never encountered,” Spader admitted, according to Deadline. “But it was exciting because I was doing something incredibly challenging at a time in my life when I had just thought I knew what the f*** I was doing.”

Goldberg was sympathetic, responding, “That gets all of us.”

Meanwhile, Spader’s hit show The Blacklist is headed into its seventh season — which makes it surprising that the actor told Goldberg, “To sustain me over a period of time, I can’t be doing this one thing. I will just lose interest quickly.”

So what keeps him on the series? The show always keeps him guessing.

“After reading the pilot of The Blacklist, I knew less than I did when I started reading,” he said. “It was so enigmatic, I realized, ‘Wow, the landscape is just anywhere. It could be anything.’”

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