How to Help People Without Going Near Them

The coronavirus outbreak means that more people are staying home and practicing social distancing guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your community during this difficult time. Jezebel suggests the following ways of helping out even when you can’t get physically close to people.

  • Donate to food banks. People who rely on food from food banks might be in greater need at this time.
  • Check in with neighbors. Slip a note under their door or call them to see if you can help.
  • Start or join a mutual aid group. By sharing resources and information, you can help others and get help yourself.
  • Donate to those who have lost jobs. Closings have already started to affect people’s incomes.
  • Support small businesses. Remember to support their workers as well; you might tip better than usual, for instance.
  • Donate blood. People are less inclined to donate now so if you can, it’ll go a long way.
  • Write to your local politicians. Encourage them to work hard during this crisis.