Steven Diaz/Walt Disney World ResortPentatonix wrapped up their holiday tour in their home state of Texas Monday night, just in time to celebrate their favorite family Christmas traditions.

“We are all going home for the holidays,” Scott Hoying tells ABC Audio. “…I just watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my family, we do the gingerbread houses, wear the onesies. We’re very a typical Christmas family.”

Mitch Grassi says he’s all about the “classic traditions” as well, while Matt Sallee and his family watch holiday movies like The Year Without a Santa Claus.

Kirstin Maldonado adds that she makes a “happy birthday Jesus” cake every year. “And we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus,” she laughs.

Kevin Olusola is spending his first Christmas as a married man. “I’m going to be with my wife’s family this break,” he says. “Which is fun, because we just got married in September. So this is my first time doing the first married-life Christmas.”

Thanks to their extensive holiday catalog — four albums and counting — and an annual holiday tour, Pentatonix is now part of their fans’ Christmas traditions, too.

“That’s what’s so special because I remember growing up we’d listen to Christmas music nonstop and it was the soundtrack that I remember and have nostalgia thinking about,” Hoying says. “And we get to be that for so many families, which is so amazing and it’s hard to even process.”

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