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Home Fire Safety As We Settle Into Fall

PORTLAND, Ore– This would be a great time to check the batteries in your smoke alarm.  Batteries these days could last 10 years.  Installing sprinklers could be an option.  Portable heaters and chords including the plug should be looked at thoroughly before using.  If carbon monoxide detectors chirp there’s a reason.  Unplug it and read the back for instructions as to what might be going on.

Terry Foster with Portland Fire and Rescue says, ” Having a home safety plan is very important.  How can you get out safely?  If a door or the handle is hot, don’t open it.  The only choice then is to go out the window.”  If a home is 2 or 3 stories a home style fire escape ladder is a great way to get out .  Those have to be able to support 1,000 lbs.  check the rating .  Hardware stores , safety equipment stores and places like Amazon have he ladders available in several lengths.  Using the ladders should become part of the safety plan that’s practiced regularly.

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