Source: YouTube

Stealing is bad…and leading police on a high speed chase in the getaway car is worse…puts innocent people in danger. Having a news chopper with a great shot of you doing all of that is worse still…but also entertaining when you see how it ends.

If you can manage to make it through the day without stealing clothes and leading police on a high speed chase while the news covers it OJ-style…you’re doing ok.

Now this high speed was about 70 mph…this was going down in Los Alamitos, and the getaway car is a U-Haul. Not sure if the perps rented that or not…guessing not…but it’s giving OJ in the white Bronco vibes with the news covering the whole thing via a reporter in a chopper.

The second perp is just casually walking down the sidewalk looking like Joey from “Friends” wearing all of Chandler’s clothes!