Source: YouTube

A man in California has been rescued, after a three-hour hike back on June 11th led to getting lost in the mountains . . . for 10 days.  Lukas McClish revealed how he survived: he would go up a canyon and down to a waterfall, drink from his boot and yell for help.

“Just ‘Help, help. I’m over here,’” he told reporters. “Or ‘Is anybody out there? I want a burrito and a taco bowl,’ that’s what I thought about every day when after the first five days, I started to kind of realize that I might be in over my head.”

McClish told the news he struggled to navigate because certain landmarks were wiped out by recent wildfires in Northern California. He was reported missing after six days when he didn’t show up for Father’s Day. “I left with just a pair of pants, and my pair of hiking shoes, and a hat. I had a flashlight, and a pair of folding scissors, like a Leatherman tool. And that was about it.”

He did encounter a mountain lion, but thinks he was there to PROTECT him!