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You need to hear the story of Bill and Joanne! Bill is 90 and Joanne is 92, and they grew up in Muskegon, Michigan and met on the school bus in the 1940’s. Bill says, “She got picked up on the bus first and I’d find her on the bus, so I guess that was me,” “I wasn’t old enough to have a driver’s license, so I didn’t have a car. That’s what attracted me to her… she had a car.” Bill took her to her senior prom and then she graduated and went on to college, and that’s when they went their separate ways. She ended up getting married and having three kids, while Bill got married after high school and three months later was drafted into the Korean War. He also had three kids.

Fast forward 73 years…Joanne is getting nostalgic so her daughter Linda helped her hunt down some classmates online and Bill’s name came up. She saw that his wife and two of his three kids had passed away. And she noticed he was only about 80 miles away. She dropped him a note saying it would be fun to catch up, but he didn’t remember her LOL!  Still, he thought “well that’s interesting, I’ll get together, so I called her and told her I’d be down.” But then he got COVID, and she thought he changed his mind, but then they finally set a date to meet for lunch in September of 2022.

He said, “Neither one of us look the same after several years. I wouldn’t have picked her out of a crowd and probably the same her for me but once we got over that little bit of a shock, the personalities and the way we feel about each other just came right back.” The two now spend every weekend together. 

“We play a lot of cards — cribbage, gin, and we work puzzles. We walk every other day, and she does her exercises, and we go out to dinner maybe once a week,” and they want to move in together. Not sure if he’s moving in with her, or they’re picking a senior center to move in together, but they want to ride out the rest of their lives together! 

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