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“Clue” has been a board game staple for nearly 100 years and has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. Even though the 1985 movie brought in modest returns at the box office at the time, it’s been a cult favorite for years.  That starred Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren and others. Now Sony Pictures and Hasbro have a plan for both TV and movies!

The point of the game and plot of the film involves finding out who killed Mr. Boddy with suspects including Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett, and a variety of weapons such as a lead pipe and a rope. Universal attempted to bring it back to the screen with Ryan Reynolds, while Fox was working on an animated “Clue” series. Then there have been various “Clue” game shows over the years, and a scripted “Clue” miniseries aired on what used to be The Hub (now Discovery Family) back in 2011.