The latest episodes of “Harry & Meghan” may have been the final straw in the damage done to the relationship between Harry and Prince William. Royal expert Katie Nicholl explains to “Entertainment Tonight” the new docuseries seems to be an attempt to take down the royal monarchy. She says William no doubt feels betrayed to the point of where anything he says or does around his brother, or pertaining to, will end up on social media, headlines or on TV.

For a couple who says they wanted OUT of the spotlight, they certainly haven’t avoided it. In fact, they keep seeking it out. It all started with that Oprah interview where Harry called the royal family racist. In this latest docuseries, Harry accuses his brother’s aid of planting damaging stories to the tabloids out of jealousy.

And with all they dirty laundry Harry and Meghan continue to share, it becomes less and less likely the rift will ever be repaired.

Do you think the brothers will ever be able to restore their relationship?