Dan Tashima Photography(NEW YORK) — YouTube and Food Network star Hannah Hart has a new book out called My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!, which is a combination of a cookbook, self-help book and inspirational memoir — with a side of comedy. It’s similar to her previous book, which was about surviving your twenties.  This one, Hannah says, is the next logical step.

“I wanted to make it really a testament to thriving, since now I’m in my thirties and honestly, I couldn’t be happier,” she tells ABC Audio.

The book goes through the year month by month and suggests how to celebrate every holiday, from major ones like Thanksgiving, to minor ones like Ravioli Day and Video Games Day.

I wanted to write a book that welcomed everyone to the holiday experience,” Hannah explains. “I know that for me, the holidays can be kind of a stressful…time of year. And I wanted to write a guide to celebrating and savoring all year long…in a way that’s good and positive for you.”

Even though My Drunk Kitchen Holidays! is Hannah’s third book, it was a tough one for her to write.

I didn’t grow up with a traditional holiday background,” she says. “And as a queer person, you don’t really see yourself represented a lot in the holiday spaces. So it was the best kind of difficult, because it was a difficult that makes you grow.”

And while there are recipes in the book, Hannah says they’re not entirely serious.

“I like to call my recipes ‘suggestipes’ because they’re really meant to just invite people into the kitchen, not to tell them exactly what to do when they get there,” she laughs. “I think people want to hear more the ‘conversational’ cook, [rather] then super-minute specific instructions.”

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