Capitol RecordsHalsey‘s new album Manic isn’t coming out until January 17, so to tide fans over, she’s rolling out a web series called The Road to Manic — and the first installment is out now.

In the two-minute webisode, we see Halsey’s literally manic schedule, as she jets off to Europe for a bunch of promotional appearances, including performing on Swedish Idol and on the MTV Europe Music Awards in Seville, Spain. 

“The minute I get really busy, I’m like, ‘Why’d I say yes to all this stuff?’” Halsey laughs.

She also says that she’s excited to release Manic, and adds that the title doesn’t really reflect the music.

“You hear about an album called Manic and you think it’s going to be like, super-sad and dark, and it’s not,” she says. “It’s really colorful and, like, kinda funny sometimes.”

However, the “Graveyard” singer says she’s a little nervous about putting the album out into the world.

“It’s scary sometimes because it’s so much of me, so if people don’t like it, it feels like they don’t like me,” she admits. “So, before I can not care about what people think of the album, I have to stop caring about what people think about me, which is, like, so hard to do.”

No word on when the next episode will arrive.

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