Photo courtesy of AppleHailee Steinfeld’s new Apple TV+ series, Dickinson, debuts Friday, and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive sneak peek featuring Wiz Khalifa as Death.

In the clip, Hailee, as 19th century poet Emily Dickinson, rides with Death in his carriage as Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” plays in the background. Emily tells Death she’s always happy to see him, and he encourages her to publish her poems despite her father’s objections.

“I’m a huge fan of [Wiz] in general, so the fact that we were able to get him to do the show was so exciting, and he loved the idea of it,” Hailee told EW.

She continued, “He showed up unbelievably prepared. He’s got the greatest sense of humor ever. It was just so fun to have that weird crossover as part of our show. It is very different and weird and interesting and exciting, and he is a major element in this show that makes it all of those things.”

Dickinson’s creator Alena Smith previously told EW she cast Wiz in the role because she “wanted Death to be the coolest guy in the world because Emily is in love with Death.”

“Part of the story of the season is about her coming to a more realistic and mature understanding of Death, but where she begins is a kind of goth worship of Death,” Smith added.

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